The purpose of this site is to be a repository of information for Oak Harbour residents with a goal to make this information useful for the residents and to be a conduit for Oak Harbour residents and boat owners to get to know each other better.   A few ideas this site could include are:

Useful telephone numbers and contacts.

E-mail forwarding ( forwarded to your main e-mail address (e.g.   For example, I setup my mail to go from to my "real" e-mail address.    

Photos of family, property, boat, fish caught, dog, etc, that you want to share.   If you have some you want associated with your name, send them to: with your name and we can associate them for you.

Ideas/photos for interior space such as what to do with space under staircase.  This is a real question and I'd really like to see what others have done.

Wiring questions/answers on things such as security alarm wiring, smoke alarm, etc.   I have questions on these things and am working through these systems now.

Questions & answers such as what you might need done or what you can do and might be able to do for others.   When I figure out the above wiring, I'll make it available for others.

Note:  web site: will be the official Oak Harbour Association site and will include other functions more general such as schedule of events and additional things to be developed.   I understand this from John McIsaac who has contracted with a web design firm to implement the site.

A bulletin board for things such as docks for rent or rental docks wanted.  Stuff for sale or wanted.   I see this kind of thing on the clubhouse bulletin board.

Restaurant reviews.   Contractors recommended, babysitters, etc.   Other useful information that the experiences of one oak harbour resident can pass on to another.

Chat area or possibly area to post notes for others.   Possibly password protected areas.

I am looking for ideas and suggestions to build into this site, please send any comments to:    I'd also welcome some help from anyone else who might be willing and able to help build the site.

                                                        ------    Norman Hirsch